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The family apartment at Green Coast shares a unique style as the villas, with contemporary architecture, a private garden, and a panoramic sea view. They are situated in various lines of the project, offering the possibility of choices. These types of apartments are smaller and affordable, very appropriate for young couples and small families. The villa’s project also includes parking spaces.

Property Details


Total Surface: 

130.5 m²


8 m²

Net Surface:

105 m²


53.6 m²

Total lot:

189.8 m²







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Preliminary Selling Contract

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About the area

The village of Palasa overlooks a marveling panorama, considered as one of the most beautiful bays of the Albanian Riviera. A white fine pebbled beach gleams from afar, surrounded by crystal turquoise waters and beautiful green hills of Olives, Citrus, and Oaks, making this area a dream vacation destination. The bay of Palasa is love at first sight. Its striking beauty is the first thing one encounters while driving down the winding roads from the National Park of Llogara (1200 m above sea level). The steep Ceranunian mountains embrace and protect the bay from the open sea and cold winter breeze. With a unique geographical position between the harbors of three ancient port towns, Vlora, Himara, and Saranda, the village is easily accessible by sea or by carpalia’s history dates back more than a thousand years B.C. In 48 B.C, during his pursuit of Pompey, Julius Ceasar anchored his ship and rested his legion at Palasa. At that time, Palasa was an important port town, thriving economically until it became a target for pirates, who permanently damaged its prosperity. Today Palasa is still a significant village, known for its long-standing tradition in cultivating medicinal herbs such as oregano and sage and beekeeping, producing one of the highest quality honey in CATION the region.

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