”EMI 6” is a residential and service building, which is located on Riza Cerova Street, about 250 meters from ‘Selvia’ Square and only 7 minutes from Skënderbej Square (Center of Tirana). The building is in one of the best areas of the capital, very lively offering every service necessary for a comfortable living and to high standards. ‘Emi 6’ has a very favorable position, located about 100 meters away from the High School ‘Partizani’ &  ‘Andon Zako Cajupi’, about 3 minutes away from Police Station No. 1 and only 2 minutes away from the Center Hospital ‘Mother Teresa’. This building is conceived as a modern construction with 5, 8, 10 and 11 floors, where as its main function is residential but also offers facilities for services, offices and shops. In function of the above services, 2 underground parking floors have been designed.


The building will have all the necessary infrastructure for people with disabilities, lighting, rest areas, and common areas for a comfortable community life.

EMI 6 will offer 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartments  for service units shops and offices. Planimeters are well organized and with optimal spaces. Comfortable and suitable for both small and large families.

The facade will be fully ventilated, where in all cases the energy efficiency obtained is the same. The windows are French style with special places for flower vases to add natural elements. Decorative railings and metal railings of balconies are designed as a special architectural solution, as well as as a safety element for all ages.

Cool house in summer and warm in winter.

Thermal insulation in Emi 6 is realized by a combination of engineering systems which together achieve the highest efficiency.

Thermal insulation stone wool creates very high conditions of thermal insulation by overlapping the structural system with brick.

Plastic windows with double thermal glass, where argon gas was used as insulation according to the project, also for the exterior doors of the apartments, stone wool was used for better thermal and acoustic insulation.

The company has used a range of engineering solutions to address the different types of noise as follows.

Indoor airborne noises such as loud radio, television, music, conversation are noises coming from other adjoining apartments. The main criteria for insulation of these noises are the rigidity of the walls and the use of sound-absorbing materials. The partition walls between the apartments and the common hall are double floating walls with sound-insulating stone wool in the middle insulated by the structural elements of the building.

The building has a staircase which is equipped with an elevator. The entrance to the stairwell is from the floor corridor.

  • City


  • Total floors

    11 floors

  • Commercial Floors

    1 floor

  • Total Surface of Construction


  • Construction phase

  • Commercial units in sale

  • Address

    Street "Riza Cerovaa"

  • Residential floors

    10 floors

  • Parking floors

    2 floors

  • Mortgage

  • Apartments in sale

  • Parking in sale



Apart 1+1

”EMI 6” është një godinë banimi dhe shërbimesh, e cila ndodhet në Rrugën “Riza Cerova”, rreth 250 metra nga sheshi ‘Selvia’ dhe vetem 7 min

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